Data Mining and Machine Oriented Modeling: A Granular Computing Approach


From the processing point of view, data mining is machine derivation of interesting properties (to human) from the stored data. Hence, the notion of machine oriented data modeling is explored: An attribute value, in a relational model, is a meaningful label (a property) of a set of entities (granule). A model using these granules themselves as attribute values (their bit patterns or lists of members) is called a machine oriented data model. The model provides a good database compaction and data mining environment. For moderate size databases, finding association rules, decision rules, and etc., can be reduced to easy computation of set theoretical operations of granules. In the second part, these notions are extended to real world objects, where the universe is granulated (clustered) into granules by binary relations. Data modeling and mining with such additional semantics are formulated and investigated. In such models, data mining is essentially a machine “calculus” of granules-granular computing.


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